Heating & Furnace Repair Services in Lexington & Surrounding Cities

Lexington’s cold, snowy winters make a functioning furnace or heat pump essential. Don’t wait until you’re dealing with a major repair to call us. If you’re seeing signs of furnace or heat pump trouble, give Stivers HVAC a call today. Founded in 1986, we offer more than 30 years of experience. Keep your home cozy and schedule your heating system repair now.

Stivers HVAC Prompt-Furnace-Repair-Services

Prompt Furnace and Heating Repair Services

Heating and furnace repairs aren’t something you should put off. The earlier you catch an issue, the easier it is to fix. If you notice something amiss with your heating system, you should call Stivers HVAC as soon as possible. While some issues are hard to ignore, others are more subtle. Some common signs of heating trouble include:

  • An unexplained increase in your utility bills
  • Hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • An interior temperature that doesn’t match your thermostat setting
  • A yellow pilot light
  • Strange noises coming from your furnace
  • Dry, dusty air in the home
  • Worsening asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues

Our experienced service technicians will help you diagnose these problems, getting to the source of the issue and offering efficient repair options.

Stivers HVAC Reliable-Heating-Repair-Technicians

Reliable Heating Repair Technicians

At Stivers HVAC, we prize honesty and integrity. We’re always upfront and honest about heat pump or furnace repairs. We won’t recommend a new installation if a simple repair is available, and we won’t set you up for a long string of service calls if we can see that your heater is coming to the end of its lifespan. It takes a skilled eye to determine whether a repair or an upgrade is the most affordable option. We’ll always help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Stivers HVAC 100-Satisfaction-Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Stivers HVAC offers a 100% guarantee with all our services. If you’re not satisfied with your service, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the repairs you need. We offer quality service at affordable prices. You shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to keep your family warm, or breathe in unhealthy air when there are smart IAQ options available. We’ll help you find a fast solution for your heating needs at a reasonable price. We have a long history of keeping our Lexington, Georgetown, Winchester, Nicholasville, Versailles, Pinkard, Keene, Ford, Colby and Clintonville, KY customers warm and happy.

If your heating system is in need of repairs, give Stivers HVAC a call at 859-226-0809. We’ll help you diagnose the issue, choose a repair option, and get your heat pump or furnace back in shape quickly.


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