Heating and Furnace Services from Repair to Installation in Lexington & More

Don’t let the chill creep in this winter. Keep your home warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather threatens outside. At Stivers HVAC, we have the services and solutions you need to keep your furnace or heat pump in top condition. Turn to us for all your heating needs.

Stivers HVAC Heating-Repair

Heating Repair

Is your heating system struggling to keep up with your needs? Perhaps you can’t get the furnace or heat pump to kick on as it should, or you hear a strange sound coming from the unit. If you suspect there’s something wrong with your heating system, don’t wait – give Stivers HVAC a call today. Our NATE-certified technicians will help you diagnose and solve the problem quickly.

Stivers HVAC Regular-Heating-Service

Regular Heating Service

Don’t wait until your heater stops working to give it the care it needs. You should have your furnace or heat pump inspected and tuned up once a year. At this annual maintenance visit, our service technicians will clean your system of dust and dirt to improve indoor air quality. We lubricate all moving parts, check belts, tighten connections, and test your thermostat.

If there’s a pending problem, your annual maintenance visit will help catch the issue early before you’re facing a costly repair. Systems that are properly maintained enjoy a longer lifespan and more efficient operation. If you’re overdue for a maintenance visit, reach out to Stivers HVAC now.

Stivers HVAC Heating-Installation

Heating Installation

Are you interested in a new heating system? Today’s options are more efficient than ever. If you’re struggling with rising utility expenses and sub-par home heating, it may be time to consider a replacement. Our comfort consultants can help you explore your options to find the best unit for your needs. We will perform a load calculation to decide what size system is right for your home. Choosing a furnace that’s too large or too small will result in poor efficiency and high heating expenses, but we know how to get it just right.

Stivers HVAC’s friendly technicians can also help you understand the more subtle differences between various systems. If you’re comparing a furnace to a heat pump or struggling to understand AFUE ratings and Energy Star certifications, we can help you decode the jargon and get to the heart of the matter. Once you’ve chosen a system, Stivers HVAC will install your new heater promptly and ensure it meets all manufacturer’s specifications for efficiency.

Stivers HVAC has the knowledge, honesty, and integrity that you need on your side. With our 30 years of experience and 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, your heater will be repaired efficiently and your family’s comfort restored as quickly as possible. Don’t let the winter weather in Lexington, Georgetown, Winchester, Nicholasville, Versailles, Pinkard, Keene, Ford, Colby and Clintonville, KY, bring freezing conditions into your home. Contact us at 859-226-0809 for all your heating services.


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